SIPL was incorporated as an asset holding company for road and other Infrastructure BOT projects 4 years ago. These Projects are secured through a competitive bidding process either on a stand-alone or through a joint venture depending on the project size and requirements. We at Sadbhav focus in building a sizable asset base in the road BOT project. We have currently invested in nine BOT projects with total project cost of Rs. 7,854.7 crore. We take pride in citing that SEL is the sole EPC contractor for most of the BOT projects to ensure timely and smooth completion of projects. Today Sadbhav BOT Project portfolio consists of 9 projects, out of which 3 are operational, 1 partially operational and remaining under various stages of construction.

Our BOT projects include

  • Dhule-Palasner BOT
  • Maharashtra Border Check Post BOT (MBCPNL)
  • Lakhanadon-Seoni BOT (NSEL)
  • Hyderabad-Yadgiri BOT Project (HYTPL)
  • Sardar Patel Ring Road BOT (ARRIL)
  • Rohtak-Panipat BOT Project (RPTPL)
  • Aurangabad-Jalna BOT (AJTL)
  • Bijapur-Hungund BOT Project (BHTPL).

Today BOT contributes to 68% of Sadbhav total Road revenue.

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